Dialogue System 2 - Version 1.10

Recently I've been working very hard on a new version of Dialogue System 2 for all of you to enjoy. This has been quite a challenge because Godot still lacks a universal text display node and I need to rely on my own custom Text class to display messages correctly :/ Anyway I'm quite happy with the results. Here they are!

Update 1.03:

  • fixed local variables not being initialized correctly
  • fixed wait() function calling more than once

Version 1.10:

All of the above and:

  • New pause system, now punctuation marks (. , ... ; ? !) pause the text for a given time. This gives the messages a more natural feeling.
  • Custom pauses are available again! You can now write the '|' symbol to pause the message at any given moment.
  • Speed tags. At any moment in the message you can add tags like <slow>, <normal>, <fast> to dynamically control the speed at which the messages appear. You can also set up your own tags.
  • New, more complex voice sfx (I highly recommend changing them yourself in your projects as I'm no audio engineer.)
  • Added new demos: 4.Choices and 5. Speed and pauses.

Try it out and tell me what you think! Don't hesitate to notify me about any bugs you encounter.



DialogueSystem2 v1.03.zip 1 MB
Jul 26, 2020
DialogueSystem2 v1.10.zip [LATEST] 1 MB
Jul 26, 2020

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Could you please make a walk through tutorial for beginners? I bought this as well as the Dialogue Designer, but not knowing how to use it. There is no any materials to demonstrate basic work flow, it would be really helpful if you could make some tutorial just to show a basic work flow as an example. Thank you.  

Is this available to customers who bought the old version or those who owned the old version has to pay to purchase again? I received email saying "It is free for owners of the old version (that means You!)." but no links whatsoever to download.


Yes, this is a great update but a video tutorials would really help out. 

good job, dude, thanks!

Thank you for your work!


Thank you for the update!

GDS2 and DD still lack a proper video tutorial series, so your main target customers are still left out. Please consider producing a step-by-step tutorial series on Youtube. This would also have the advantage of increasing your visibility.

p.s. Also please check your SPAM folder, as I sent you an e-mail about various bugs and small improvements and never got an answer back.