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A highly customizable dialogue system perfect for story-driven RPGs and Visual Novels.

Includes GDscript parser, full dialogue system, examples of use, and two types of message visualisations:

  1.     MSG Box - classic messge display
  2.     MSG Bubble - bubble (floating) messages .


  • Fully developed GDscript parser
  • Two types of message display
  • Support for multiple choices (+ conditions)
  • Displaying variables in text (local and global)
  • Many customisation options
  • bbcode (bold, italic, underlined, color) for box messages
  • Text pauses for box messages
  • *NEW* Support for multiple languages

Designed to be used with this editor:

Any questions? Contact me: radmattsoftware at gmail.com



Buy Now$1.99 USD or more

In order to download this system you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $1.99 USD. You will get access to the following files:

DialogueSystem_project_1.2.zip 1 MB

Development log


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Hi! I just bought the addon for Godot, but the zip file is damaged and I cannot even open the file. I tried in Windows and Ubuntu, can you help me please?

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Weird... It opens fine for me. What software are you using for unpacking? Have you tried downloading it again?

Edit: see this update. Tell me if it works now.

Hi, Matt, it works now, thanks a lot! I will be trying the addon, there is a tutorial?


I'm working on a tutorial. Should be up soon :)

Great! I'll be waiting for! Thanks!

Hey Matt,

I'm having problems adding this addon to my game. 

3.1 Godot on Mac OSX. 

I've tried adding all the "addon" folder contents to an add on folder in my game, but then there is no option to enable the add-on. 

Then I tried auto-loading the files like you had in your test scene. Still no dice. 

So I tried adding in my own custom JSON file created through your dialogue creator, then the example game would instantly crash anytime I tried to load my custom JSON. 

Help please? 

Please send an email to radmattsoftware@gmail.com with more info about the issues (screenshots would help too).

I am thinking about buying this one. But i have one question :D How hard / easy is customise dialog box? It works like classic 9-cut thingy? :D

It's really easy to customise both the dialogue box and dialogue bubbles. It does use a nine patch rectangle and it can be swapped for any image you want. Additionally you can change its position, colors, font, sound effects and more.


Yess... You can count me in when i got next paycheck :D I will buy everything what you got there :D

Hey, this seems very good, but is the DialogueDesigner required to use it ?

Absolutely not :) The editor is optional (but recommended). If you use a different editor or you want to write the dialogue by yourself, you can modify the main file a little bit and you're good to go. Hit me up if you'll have any problems with that and I'll help you.

Thanks for your reply^^

I'll probably buy this in the future because I don't need it right now, but it's sure an interesting tool :)