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Can support Chinese or 日本語 in the future? The input box does not support characters

I'll try to fix that in the next update (coming soon). 


This is fricking amazing. EXACTLY what I was looking for; flexibility, custom variables AND JSON EXPORT! Now I can bang out a version for Corona. Thanks so much for taking the time and effort to make this app!!!

Is there any good tutorials for this product and how to implement in Godot?


Couple questions:

1) Is it possible to add additional nodes or does the editor not support customization?

2) Is there a C# version of the parser which I could use to execute the dialog but hook in my own presentation logic? I'm using Godot with C# and would like to keep control of the presentation.

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Hi. Suggestions for improvement are accepted? Is it possible to make multiline text input in "ShowMessage" block?

I second this suggestion. At the moment, it is hard to preview dialogue that is longer than a dozen words.

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Hi, does this system work with tyronobuilder?

That sounds nice ! Does it work with Construct 3 ?

Yes, absolutely :) Check out this page for how to set it up. If you have any problems, you can always email me and I'll help you.

Thanks for your answer ! Do you have any precise tutorial to set up with Construct ? 

Here's a project that shows how to load JSON files and show values: All you have to do is create a dialogue system and just replace the text lines with the ones in the file. I will soon share documentation for the editor, explaining more on how to set it up for different engines, so look out for that.

OK ! I will wait for your documentation and possible example (I don't know how to build a dialogue system)


Without buying this first, is there documentation or overview of the JSON it exports? Making sure I can work with it in my engine.


Here is an example JSON file:


Thank you, this is perfect. Good work on the tool, very useful.