4K resolution fix (interface too small)

Some users have notified me that they are having issues on high resolution monitors (the interface is too small).

Due to the fact that DD is quite old now it's not possible for me to restructure the interface to work well with those resolutions, however I've come up with a few fixed you can try out. All of them will work, but you should try each of them to see what looks best on your monitor.

Download 4K fix files.zip and read the instructions.

INSTRUCTIONS (from Instructions!.txt):

Copy only one file from one of these folders (A or B or C) into your main Dialogue Designer folder (where the DialogueDesigner.exe is).
Option A - increases size of the interface, though it makes it look pixelated. Open the override.ctf file in a text editor and change the 1.5 value if it doesn't suit your monitor.
Option B - makes the interface static, appearing exactly the same on all monitors.
Option C - similar to option B but removes stretching by setting a fake ascpect ratio (black bars may appear).
You should try each of them and see which one works best.

For Mac users:

"On mac you need to go to your app and right click > show package contents then go to contents / MacOS  drop the override.cfg in there.  option 2 worked fine for me." - Thanks to hamoom for the tip!

Please tell me if that resolved the issue or if additional fixes are needed.


4K fix files.zip 2 kB
Jun 22, 2020

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