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Can you update the example JSON in the documentation. It's currently going to a 404:

what does this work with? (e.g unity, buildbox, gb studio)

It works with any engines / frameworks that support JSON file format (most of them do). See this as an example (for Unity):

thanks. radmatt for the info. i was thinking  of using this in my game

Deleted 2 years ago

Hi, I'm using on macOS and have a problem where it isn't possible to connect any nodes, except the start node to another. 

Clicking on the output just drags the node around. It's the same problem as mentioned by 'djrainbow' below.

Are there any updates on this problem?

I'm really excited about this and Godot Dialogue Designer 2 which I've been slowly trying to work out. Thanks!

Unfortunately, I'm not able to reproduce this bug. Might be a problem with your screen resolution (check this post). Also make sure you're in zoomed in mode (button in the top right).

I wasn't in zoomed in mode. All working now. Thanks very much!

How should I check for variables in the branching logic? I have an Int. Is it  if..   Round=1  or is it if... Round==1 ?  Can't test this.

You check it as if you're writing it in your game code, f.e. in Godot it would be round==1.

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Sadly this looks like an abandoned project. No answers on bug and issue reports or suggestions over weeks now - nor here or on Steam or on emails. :(

Hi, I'd ask you to re-send your email if you still are having problems. I was on a long break recently and might not find your message.


Can you please add functionality to add a portrait/image to the characters so that it's easier to visually see who is saying what?

omg, how much do you want to integrate this in to godot, and make a similar theme to the godot Visual Script and Visual Shader :D this looks amazing

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Nice app but could you reimport all assets with high resolution so you can set the res of all assets in the settings? Would be really nice!

On top of that it would be nice if you can zoom in using Ctrl + mouse wheel.


I've written a runtime integration for Unity. You can try it here:

Thanks! I'll test it myself and see if it works!

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In detail, what are the differences of the "Type" on the Show Message windows and the options on the drop down box on the top left side (contains "Character", "Custom path" and "Interacted character", I think)? Are they only related to the JSON output or also the program itself?

To answer my question partly by myself (maybe also others wants to know it): By "Character" you can choose one of the characters you have added. Both other option give you a free text input box (one with and one without a border).

Is the Steam version the same version? Will both variants receive updates at the same time?


How would this work with an RPG I am making with Unreal? After I import the .json, then what?

Hey, this is unusable on my Mac. the text is way too small and interface is tiny. 

Is there any fix?

Hope this fix helps!

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Hello, I just bought your asset... it works quite well...

I wanted to know if you can include a GMS1/2 example project of how this works with GameMaker...
I was expecting a simple GM project file where the JSON would be loaded into GM so i could just deal with it from there... but unfortunately you have not included such yet?

Just so you know, i'm not asking for a 'dialouge system' for GMS.
I am asking for a compatability layer of sorts...
(A few scripts and objects to demonstrate how the user could pass the variables around and such. specifically the branching of dialouge ).

Let me know if you can.


How do you use this with unity? I'm a bit confused


hello. Is there a way to work with multi-users?


I have question mostly for people who are using it for some time. I am currently working on fps adventure. There will be no other actors except for player. You know. Layers of fear type of stuff. Just text when using objects. I know this software is probably overkill for that but i am still thinking about purchasing with that godot addon mostly because multilanguage support. So my questions are : 1. How fast i can import this to existing godot project? 2: I plan to outsource translators. Do they need fiddle with json or it is there better way to do it? 


I got the product just yesterday when I thought of making a story driven game for a lady I enjoy being with. Got it up and running and writing the dialogue in no time. 

Only took me an hour to fully implement a system in Godot that with with the exported json, overall experience? 10/10

Would I recommend this to other? Absolutely. It's fun and functional, oh let's not forget it looks great.

Thanks for this fantastic tool that makes sense nad helps in narrative game-dev.

Hello, your program is fantastic and it is helping me a lot. 

I have a small question about implementation. The nodes in a camp called "text" is an object and in another at the same time is a string (on condition branches). How can I parse it if both have the same name "text"?  I am using C#.

Have a nice day.


He answered my e-mail really fast! Thank you, radmatt! <3

Please add any field for sound /filename/. Currently only text is supported and I cannot play voice dialogues.

Depending on the author's logic, it might be possible to use the 'Execute' component as a reference to other functionality. After all, it is only a field, the logic of specific execution in the game is still implemented by the program. For example, you can add a sound to a Text that declares the Text using {sound=filename}, and automatically escape when the program reads or writes to it.(I am very sorry, this passage was translated by a machine, I hope it can express my meaning correctly.)

Thanks for reply,
I think whether could be used any not supported by game language (for example jpn) where to put sound file name. All language texts are displayed parallel in console if there are any strings in json parser but only currently selected is used for display. So in this case sound filename will be placed in next array cell instead optional language.


Do I need to buy it again to have it on steam?

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Is this renpy compatible?

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Can you post an example of a JSON-file and how it's set up in the designer to see how each feature looks like in export?

( does not work)

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I added a new section to the site, you can now download example dialogue files created entirely in DD.

If you're using windows, I recommend using 'json formatter pro' from the windows app store (it's free) for opening them.

There is a JSON formater plugin for Notepad++ too.


Please make it open-source, so i can improve it

I know you have a Godot plug in, do you have a Construct 3 plug in? 

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Hi, any chance you were able to fix the connections issue I mentioned?

Hi, sorry for not answering to your original post. Please send me an email to radmattsoftware @ with more info and we'll try to sort it out.

You did't reply my email, so i put it here.

I just realize that the dialogue text is not lost, but hidden, when i click arrow button (popup) it will show actual text.

Please fix it.

Sorry for a late reply, just sent you an email :P

Bug report

If i import my last saved JSON that have 400+ blocks/dialogues.

The last 30% of dialogues text are empty/gone.

Choices and variable values are OK, only the last 30% (of 400) dialogues that missing.

Please fix it, I can't edit or add more dialogues until it's get fixed.

Please send me an email with more info about the bug. I'll work with you on fixing it there. (radmattsoftware at


Bug report

I add 2 more characters name initially.

And now i have hundreds of dialogues, when i add a new characters, every dialog name changed to Player.

Please Fix it

Deleted 2 years ago

The new update is now up. It should work now.

Brought it yesterday, good app.

I have some suggestion

I think is better to use different color for "is_box" (ex: orange)

And put a character identification color

Sometimes i got a wrong character, actually my mistake

ok got it. checked out documentation part 10

Hi I just purchased and downloaded the MAC version but get: 

The application “” can’t be opened.

Not a security feature from Mac. Just can't be opened. Have you run into this?

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Hi, I just purchased it and unfortunately encountered a serious bug. Sometimes I cannot create connections at all on some nodes. It's happened with multiple node types, restarting the editor helps sometimes but not always... no idea what causes it.

Also, would it be possible to improve the graphics quality? I love the clean design, but things look a bit pixelated on my high res display, particularly the x button, and I think the fonts could probably be more crisp. If this is made in Godot, you may need to enable "high res" in the export settings. This is how it looks at full zoom (macOS)

Otherwise, very cool app!


this is a big blocker issue and need to be resolved! 

please send me an email explaining the issue more

Deleted 1 year ago

Don't forget to add it to your wishlist ;)

Deleted 1 year ago

The application is awesome. Could the following feature be added in the next update? The possibility of renaming the title of each window / node to more easily identify each one.

Okay so... I wanted to use it as a tool for writing my Shadowrun campaign missions. seems the text for each dialogue is not saving correctly when exporting. :/ for some texts it saves just one word, for another it only saves the first sentence. Any way to fix this?

Fixed in 3.0.4.

Deleted 2 years ago

"Works with UnityUnreal 4GodotConstruct 3GameMaker Studio 2 and many more!"

In the "Local  Variables Window" you can't select "String" as the type to add the interface doesn't reconize it's being clicked and there's no keyboard navigation to select it either.

OS: Windows 10 64-bit Pro

I'm so sorry for that, I'll fix it as soon as I get home.

It's fixed now!

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