Update 3.02 - multiline texts, dark mode and more!

New update for Dialogue Designer is out now! (3.02)

In this release:

New multiline text input:

Just press the button next to the single text line and a popup will be attached to the show_message node. You can change the size of the popup by dragging its bottom-right corner.

Dark mode (and improved interface's visual consistency):

You can choose between the original blue one or the dark one in the Settings tab.

Smooth node dragging:

You can now reposition the nodes smoothly, ignoring the grid.

As always, if you find any bugs, send me an email and I'll fix it in the next update.


DD_3.02_Windows.zip 53 MB
69 days ago
DD_3.02_Linux.zip 59 MB
69 days ago
DD_3.02_MacOS.zip 31 MB
69 days ago

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does the package include construct 3 example?