DialogueDesigner now on STEAM!

DialogueDesigner is now on STEAM!

Check it out:


If you want to support my work, add the software to your steam wishlist and leave a review once it comes out (April 17th!), this will help me out a lot!

Thank you for all the support so far!

About current reviews:

I added 3 reviews, two of them from itch.io users: mroberti and Evolution Pixels. I had no way of contacting you to ask if it's ok for me to put your reviews up there, I hope you don't mind! If you want it removed or get anything changed please leave a comment here or contact me by email and I'll sort it out.

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Hey, already purchasing DialogueDesigner on the itch, can get a Steam Key?


Love the tool, still busy with a project but I'm going to use it these days for my project :), if we bought the tool here are we going to receive a steam key?

I am also curious about this...