Quick update - 3.01 + fix for MacOS users

This is just a small update.

  • Added a README file to MacOS's .zip that explains how to fix problems with launching the editor. A new section in the documentation has also been added to help MacOS users having problems with security permissions.

  • The bug which caused a crash whenever DELETE had been pressed is fixed. 

  • A few example dialogue files were added to the download section. Just import them into DD and see some simple and  complex dialogues built with the editor.


Example dialogues.zip 8 kB
Nov 09, 2019
DialogueDesigner_3.01_Windows.zip 51 MB
Nov 09, 2019
DialogueDesigner_3.01_MacOS.zip 39 MB
Nov 09, 2019
DialogueDesigner_3.01_Linux.zip 55 MB
Nov 09, 2019

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