DialogueDesigner 2.1 - bugfixes and more

DialogueDesigner gets a new version (2.1), and with it - a bunch of improvements and bugfixes. Check them out:

- eliminated integer upper and lower value limits

- fixed problem with directory creation

- comments are now resizable, support multiline texts

- fixed transparency issue in condition branch

- added relative variable operations (numbers - SET, ADD, SUBSTRACT | booleans - SET, TOGGLE)

- better, more consistent node design

- fixed a bug with File button

- added support for float values in  Wait node

Which bug gave you sleepness nights? No matter, they are all gone now. You can sleep well.


DialogueDesigner_2.1_linux.rar 20 MB
Jun 28, 2019
DialogueDesigner_2.1_mac.rar 26 MB
Jun 28, 2019
DialogueDesigner_2.1_win.rar 17 MB
Jun 28, 2019

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