Update 1.1 - DARK MODE, relative paths, 4k support and more!

Big new update can (and should be) downloaded now!

What's new:

Dark mode:

Dark theme is now available. And it's set on by default now. You can still go back to light mode in the Settings tab.

Relative paths:

You can optionally set all file paths to have a relative folder (either the Gridless.exe location or a custom folder) from which they will start each path. You can also now set a prefix to all exported relative paths (for example res://).

4k support:

You can now change the size of the interface to fit bigger screen resolutions.

Collections preview:

You can now edit collections (arrays of values) directly in the property editor. Simply click the cog icon to bring up the settings menu and set hidden to false. (Remember to also set expand to true for it to look right.) You can also choose the preview vertical size in pixels (-1 will show all values).

New export options:

  • Categorized structure: export both items and categories in a nested format.
  • Change IDs: change the case of exported IDs (item/category/property names) to snake_case, PascalCase or camelCase
  • File paths prefix: add a prefix to all paths (useful when using relative paths (see above)), f.e. "res://"

+ various theme enhancements / changes / fixes


Gridless_1.1_Win.zip 31 MB
Jun 04, 2021
Gridless_1.1_Linux.zip 31 MB
Jun 04, 2021
Gridless_1.1_Mac.zip 28 MB
Jun 04, 2021

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very quick, thanks! Any news about steam release?