Update 1.36 - Improved image preview + fixes

In this update:

  • Improved image preview:

You can now resize images vertically and horizontally. Changed the appearance of the input to improve user experience.

  • Fixed Godot resources export: 

Nested resources now work properly after opening in Godot.

  • Changed startup behavior:

Might fix a bug some users experience at startup.

  • Fixed category selection in references:

Fixed an issue where sometimes you couldn't select the right category in a Reference property. Older projects will not be affected. If you're working with a project created before this update and experience this issue, you might want to open it, then press: Other > Fix / Reset references.

  • Export only new resources:

Available when exporting directly to game engines. When checked, the previously exported files will not be overwritten.

  • Improved color input appearance:

The color selection popup will stay inside the app's window.

  • Improved UI visuals

  • + Small improvements / fixes


    gridless-windows.zip 17 MB
    Version 1.36 Nov 04, 2021
    gridless-mac.zip 31 MB
    Version 1.36 Nov 04, 2021
    gridless-linux.zip 18 MB
    Version 1.36 Nov 04, 2021

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