Huge New Update - GridlessDB 1.3 - Now on Steam!

GridlessDB v1.3 is finally here! 

New features!

New UI!

New showcase video!

New page!

And finally a steam release!

This update is free for existing owners of the software, and soon, there will be steam keys available if you've purchased Gridless on and want a free copy from steam.

Leaving a positive review is HIGHLY appreaciated.

Thank you all for your support so far!

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Hi !! I just downloaded the last update for Mac but it won't open and says it's damaged and should be placed into trash.


please make sure you're launching the app the right way, here are the instructions:

However, I will double check the files soon in case the problem comes from my end and upload a new version if necessary. 

actually Gatekeeper is not involved here. When I try to open the app, a window's prompt says " is damaged and can't be opened. You should place it in the trash". Here's a screencap (in French)

Please try to run this command in the Terminal (see a Youtube tutorial):

sudo xattr -rd /Applications/

(Change the file path if necessary).

Or you can also claim the steam key and run the app through the steam client (the steam version doesn't seem to have this issue).

Thank you ! It works now :) 

In a previous message, I asked you if it was possible to allow json import and you asked me about what json structure I was using. The answer is Construct3 json. Here is a link to a sample of it

Actually it has this type of structure : 


    "c2array": true,

    "size": [





    "data": [






                "Choc électrique ! Vous avez oublié de débrancher.",


                "Niveau 3",



Thank for your good work !