Update 1.35 - Export directly to Godot, Unity + improvements & fixes

Direct export to Godot

You can now export all your data to Godot Engine's Resource files (.tres), which can be easily edited and used directly in the engine's inspector. The files are categorized in folders which helps with organizing your project. The feature supports all major property types including references to other resources.

You can preview the files before exporting them in the export window.

Direct export to Unity (improved)

You can also export data to Unity's Scriptable Objects. This feature has been improved since the last update and now it is possible to have cross-database references.

Editing custom properties

You can now fully edit previously created custom properties, including removing, renaming, and adding new properties.

Export all databases

You can now export all databases at once. Select the file format, the target folder and press export all.

Other changes:

  • new, minimized path input
  • better file extension handling
  • fixed JSON ordering (more similar to order in the tree)
  • general fixes and improvements


gridless-windows.zip 17 MB
Version 1.35 Oct 01, 2021
gridless-linux.zip 18 MB
Version 1.35 Oct 01, 2021
gridless-mac.zip 31 MB
Version 1.35 Oct 01, 2021
gridless-other.zip 34 MB
Version 1.35 Oct 01, 2021

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Sweet. Thanks for the update.